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In a world where data is the new oil. Technology is being integrated at an exponential rate. That means having a profound understanding of the digital world is a must for changemakers of today to become successful leaders of tomorrow.

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What is it?

While Euforia's Imp!act Program inspires creativity, equips changemakers with the knowledge on how to begin tackling global challenges, and gives them a chance to get feedback from experts, we bring you code for imp!act to show you how to turn that into reality. Over the course of two weeks, participants will immerse themselves into the different aspects of relevant technology.

This course aims to brings our participants from ZERO programming knowledge to that of an internship level. You will experience five days of programming fundamentals, three days of workshops, leading up to a three day hackathon where you create a functioning product using the skills that you've just learned! After this bootcamp, the choice to bring what you create even further is yours.

Classes will be held in English

Technologies Covered

Fundamentals of Python

Fundamentals of software development taught in Python. Understand how programming works and how to use it.

Web Development

Every startup needs a platform. Create an app and reach everyone through the web!

Data Analytics

Learn what your data is telling you and use it to improve your projects.

IoT & Robotics

With Internet of Things (IoT), you can interact, automate and optimize your physical environment with sensors and code.


ZRH - Savognin - ZRH

We create an environment that combines the center of commerce in zurich and being in touch with nature with a think-week in the alps.

Days 1-3 : Fundamentals in Zurich

Days 4-8 : Retreat week in Savognin at ANIM

Days 9-11 : Final hackathon in Zurich

Penguin Academy is euforia's operative partner for this bootcamp. A Swiss company founded in 2017, Penguin is a leader in creating and delivering education in modern technology.

Penguin is active in 6 countries across three continents educating people through coding. The team has also developed a two week bootcamp curriculum that teaches the relevant skills to thrive in today's world. Over the last 18 months, Penguin has created over 70 educational activities across multiple topics bringing better understanding of the digital world.

Penguin is an everlearning company. As we grow, we learn, iterate, and improve.

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Connect with the Ecosystem

We match companies with the brightest changemakers who are working to bring the world forward. We believe that these connections are whats needed to speed the rate of change up.

Participation Rates

CHF 2000.-

Regular Participants


Changemakers may apply

* Overnight fees in Savognin and Zurich are not covered, range from CHF 20.- to 100.- per night for Savognin. In Zurich it is more expensive, we recommend staying at a hostel or AirBnB if accommodation is needed.

Sponsorship Packages

Perfect for organizations with a high social responsibility.
All prices are in CHF - you can download the sponsoring sheet here


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3 free slots & join us in Savognin

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Our Sponsors

As a leading Swiss IT service provider with a team of over 350 enthusiastic colleagues, we can offer sound expertise in the areas of Consulting, Engineering, Sourcing, Solutions and Cloud.

Der Stall bietet einen pluralen, vielfältig nutzbaren Raum, inmitten fantastischer Natur, in dem Menschen aus dem Surses, aus dem Unter- und Oberland, aus Städten, Dörfern, Bergen, Ländern dieser Welt zusammenkommen

Computerworld focuses on empowering enterprise users and their managers, helping them create business advantage by skillfully exploiting today’s abundantly powerful web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Meet the Team

Bryan Giger
CEO & Co-Founder
Penguin Academy

Bryan is a Developer and an Entrepreneur with a passion for technology and teaching. He believes people can achieve their full potential if they are in the right environments to learn and grow.

Oliver Mueller
Bridge Builder

Oliver connects organisation and euforia so they can learn from each other to co-create transformative trainings. He builds bridges to unleash full human potential at work.

Nicoletta Lumaldo
Partnership Creator

Nicoletta finds partners willing to support euforia's cause. She catalyses the knowledge in euforia to continue evolving its ecosystem.

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Coding as a School of Thought
A New Mindset

Education today is preparing students for the past; it is time to prepare for the future. Today’s problems are global and complex and skills like divergent thinking, emotional intelligence and collaboration are needed to solve them.
Code is the perfect medium to learn these skills, as they will help you build tomorrow’s world.